Raj Vansia

About me

Wayne, NJ

I am a biomedical engineer by training and meditator by passion. I am currently a Cerner Application Analyst helping to integrate biomedical devices in hospitals and better utilize the data they generate. I am passionate about developing technology to improve healthcare. I am excited how machine learning/AI and IoT can help revolutionize healthcare. I am a big advocate of preventative care and I try to work out and eat right. As a nerd at heart, I am interested in IoT, wearable devices, and I love tinkering with my Arduino.


I love to teach and practice meditation. To learn more about meditation and some helpful tips check out my site zenpra.com.


The pictures in this blog are mostly from where I have lived and my travels. The majority are from Santa Barbara, CA New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I try to capture the raw essence of the scene, enjoy!

Get In Touch

Feel free to reach out about anything. I love to talk about IoT, healthcare IT, meditating, cooking, and working out. Pick my brain, I love meeting new people. Email me at [email protected]